Fetch-N-Fish Promotions is a traveling 4,000 gallon aquarium promoting family fun with fishing seminars and dog shows. Jason Reynolds and his daughter, Jordan Fry, travel all over the United States teaching fishing tips and dog obedience. Jason has over 25 years of guiding and fishing professional tournament circuits. The aquarium is also full of bass and Jason demonstrates fishing tactics from it.

The dog show is all about family fun and getting the kids involved. We talk about obedience, dog training, and mix it with some fun games and dog tricks. The highlight of the show is when the high-flying retrievers jump into the 41-foot-long bass tub! The kids get a front row seat, get a hands on interaction with the dogs, and might get a lil wet in the splash zone! The show is something the whole family can enjoy and the kids will absolutely love it!

2:30 Fetch N’ Fish: Dog Show
5:00 Fetch N’ Fish: Dog Show

11:00 Fetch N’ Fish: Fishing Seminar
1:00 Fetch N’ Fish: Dog Show
3:00 Fetch N’ Fish: Fishing Seminar
5:00 Fetch N’ Fish: Dog Show

11:00 Fetch N ‘Fish: Fishing Seminar
12:00 Fetch N ‘ Fish: Dog Show
2:00 Fetch N ‘ Fish: Fishing Seminar


Captain Don will teach children how to catch anything a grown up can with the right tackle.  This interactive clinic will not only educate your children on safety, it will teach them the joy of fishing.

Every child who attends will receive a FREE rod and reel along with other great prizes from Capt. Don!

Saturday Noon and 2:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm and 3:00pm

Located in the Gazebo by the Annex

Learn more about Captain Don and Hook the Future

The Tiki Boat

Come to the Boat Show for a Free Boat Ride on The Tiki Boat. The Tiki Boat is one of only 10 boats in the entire US.

Experience the fun of being on a Tiki Hut listening to music, cruising down the river.

Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am – 12:00pm
Saturday from 1:00pm – 6:00pm
Sunday at 5:00pm

Provided by Freedom Boat Club

Check in at the Freedom Boat Club booth 57 & 58 to get your ticket & schedule your time!

Capt Jack Sparrow, Anne Bonny, & Mary Read

Attention all Scallywags and Wenches (and all those in between)!
 Captain Jack and his ladies will be setting their course for the Jacksonville In Water Boat Show on April 14th & 15th! Come out and see Captain Jack Sparrow, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read as they make Jacksonville their port for the weekend! Hold on to your wallets, hide the rum, and keep your wenches close as you take pictures with Captain Jack and his crew. There will be lots of pillaging, plundering, and perhaps a hijacking or two! Mark your calendars and set sail for the Jacksonville In-Water Boat Show! See you there, mates!

Saturday & Sunday
Wherever you can find them!

Bounce House

Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am – 5 pm

Located in the Annex