BigJeff the Entertainer

Born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland and cut his teeth on 60s and 70s music. Following a stint in Nashville and playing on the road, BigJeff settled into playing as a solo or duo specializing the beach and boater’s scene. Playing music from the 50’s to current popular songs, his repertoire is vast and can cover any style of music. BigJeff makes his home now in Northeast Florida with his family of his wife and 6 children. Gigging up and down the east coast of the U.S. and having a great time entertaining along the way. BigJeff is an ordained music pastor, and helps out local churches by leading worship at several area churches.

Friday 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Aaron Koerner

Aaron Koerner is a Florida based entertainer known for soulful covers of 70’s top 40 and high energy acoustic and coastal country music. Aaron regularly entertains crowds all over Jacksonville with songs from Kenny Chesney to The Eagles and beyond. His new school renditions of classic favorites have made him one of Jacksonville’s most recognizable local performers. Aaron started his career in Nashville as a songwriter then in 2009 moved back to Florida to perform full time.

Sunday 10am – 5pm


By the time he was 16 years of age, Cyrus Quaranta saw more of the world than most adults have experienced in a lifetime. Raised by a military mother with gospel and soul roots and an Italian father with a love for jazz and opera, his musical and cultural upbringing forged a unique perspective on both music and life. Since he was 19, his propensity for making music has taken him across many borders and into a wide array of musical arenas. As a multi-instrumentalist, Cyrus often performs while playing piano, guitar, and other instruments in addition to singing. In his hometown, he spearheaded some of the most memorable concert events while also managing and performing with several bands in the region. Currently, he is traveling the country performing on college campuses. All of his previous work and travels have laid the groundwork for a new chapter in his life and he is now ready to share his most intimate and valued work yet: real songs that come from real stories.

Saturday 11am – 6pm